A Journey Within...

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"Our inner light is our truest self, the most radiant version of who we are, the version of us who is in perpetual dialogue with the Universe, with life, with our hearts, with love"

Inner Light Blooming is a four week course, created to empower and uplift you on your journey of self discovery, expression, and personal development.  



These phases are modules that lead you to a clearer understanding of who you are, the unique light you have to offer, and how to express that uniqueness in the world around you.









Action Plan













this  course is for...

the passionate, for the SOULFUL, for the powerful empathetic artists, teachers, uplifters, DREAMERS, CO-CREATORSagents of change, CURIOUS, LIFE ENTHUSIASTS...


and simply those seeking to enjoy life in their own skin, through their own eyes, with their own heart.


Inner Light Blooming is like a love letter from my heart to yours, my inner being to yours, my Inner light to yours... 

Created to...

Inspire change in the hearts of those who seek it.

gain CLARITY about what to focus on in the present moment.

Achieve current life goals with tools and practices the course provides.

Encourage strength for the hearts in the world that need it.

Empower the gifted individuals in the world to SHINE their fullest in this life and share their gifts.

Invite diving deep into the water of who you are to find the treasure awaiting its own discovery.

Support your Inner Being who is guiding you to the life you desire.

Guide you through the process of HONEST reflection and positive change in your journey.


There was a time where I felt similar to you might right now.

Seeking change and desiring to live a life more in tune with who I am and what I was made for.

I KNEW in my heart of hearts, there was more out there than what I was experiencing. 

I felt an inner voice and presence that was bright, kind, powerful, and loving.

*This voice was calling me closer and closer* 

Following that call lead me to some of the most beautiful, magical, life experiences on my journey.

Experiences that have inspired me to share what I have learned so far on the way to live a more vibrant, fulfilling, authentic and connected life. 

Experiences that helped me understand on a very deep level we are all meant to EXPRESS ourselves and love who we are in this world. And I feel like life is a constant process of practicing to love ourselves so we can love one another. 

Let me also mention, this course is a supportive tool, an inspirational tool, a reminder and *spark* along your journey.


I want to keep the power of your own self discovery IN YOUR HANDS... 


This is and always will be, ultimately, your responsibility.

I am not trying to take the wheel for you. 

I am simply a friend through the web of Spirit, on your journey

offering my perspective knowing it has the potential to inspire the change you seek. 

We are in a time where this kind of course is needed. Where my fellow sacred travelers, humans, friends, brothers and sisters will understand what we are capable of.

To understand what life is

to tap into that connection we were born with

and to start to LIVE our lives more fully, more brightly, more in BLOOM

I am so so excited to finally be able to share this with you...

Joyful Journey



Shine On and Big Love,



What You'll Get

+ Meditation Exercises I designed specifically for this course drawing from my practice with Zen Meditation, Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness.

+Video's I made for each phase to prompt you on the focus of each week. 

+ Journal Exercises designed to guide you gently and intentionally into the spaces of self honesty and growth.

+ Unlimited Access to this course at all times. I reuse this process of self development any time I am creating change in my life. These are exercises you can revisit whenever you want. 

+ Email support from me during the extent of this course



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