A little more about me...

Sharin Laughter in Taos
Greetings Beautiful Soul

I'm not sure what lead you here but I am happy that you are. Perhaps what you will find on my site will resonate with some part of you and your life experiences. And what a gift that would be. This site, much like life, will mostly likely evolve as I do.


Thank you for being here, and joining this journey.


The intention of this site, is to be honest, to connect, and to share useful creations with you that are little digital downloads of inspiration, encouragement and Joy (maybe a little laughter too).


If you want to jump around to see my current work, please do. And if you are interested in knowing a little more about me and my visions, read on. 


My work, be it artwork or service, is created to honor authentic expression and to encourage others to do the same. The depths of our being travel further than our hands can reach-- &




I share what I have learned and continue to learn on my life journey knowing it will remind us of the magic we are truly made of!



Consider this site a platform for exploration and connection.

Move through it as you would walk through a forrest

knowing that there is life and intention in the design and information I share.


Joyful Journeying



Shine On And BIG LOVE


Here's the thing... YES I dream this space to grow into a business that creates positive shift in the world and helps generate an income...AND ULTIMATELY I want you to get the *point* without having to spend ALL your resources, or feel like you need to always turn to me to know the TRUTH of life and the truth that lies within you... I see so much power given away to online figures, teachers and entertainers. I DID THIS MYSELF. I would look to others for answers when it was within me the whole dang time! While there is a time to learn...there is also a point where you have learned the lesson and embrace your life.


So I will tell you upfront MAJORITY of what I think brings the most value to my life is PRESENCE CONNECTION and AWARENESS.

It's so simple. So beautiful and SO POTENT. 

And that's what I share.

I want to help others understand this *point* and be able to tap into it ONCE (BECAUSE THAT"S ALL YOU NEED) and honestly...they don't ever need to return to this website again. Once you get it, you get it and YOU GO LIVE.

All I want is to create the world I believe in. And the first step to creating a new world in believing in one. 

Big Love & Shine On,