Dear Colorado:

Dear Colorado:

I miss you.

I’m far away from- and miss - Urban Court - my small backyard

where, when it would rain I would sink my hands in mud

just to see if I could feel your heartbeat.

I miss waking up to the silhouette of your mountains

and feeling like Pikes Peak and Mount Evans rested

on the tips of my eyelashes.

I miss Vanderhoof’s playground where I would hang upside down

on monkey bars just so I could feel the gravity of you.

I miss the Mooseburgers who lived adjacent to us

and would make ‘Smack Mac’ for me and my brother

when Mom and Dad were busy cleaning carpets, or getting high.

I miss Denver. I miss Arvada. I miss Montrose! Up up in your mountains

at my grandparents house - where Inside:

Grandma Mata sang me spanish lullabies

and taught me the Lord's prayer by writing it down on a used receipt.

I watched her soft brown hands shape each letter.

She cooked pinto beans on the teal coal stove- stirring with one hand

and dancing with the other. Grandpa would sit in the dining room waiting-

with fingers laced in his lap under the kitchen table where

they would whisper to each other in spanish between

hiccups of soft laughter and slurps of bone marrow.

Their love was a secret recipe and you were the first ingredient.